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Brand: Chicco Model: 8058664080724
Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle 0 + So like you, so natural for him NaturalFeeling is the only baby bottle line that follows the child's growth in the most natural way possible NaturalFeeling The only l..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 80837110000
Chico Natural bottle 6 months + just like you, very natural for him. Naturling is the only baby bottle line that follows the baby's growth in the most natural way possible. NATURALING: The only line o..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 805866400824
Chicco Step up Adjustable Flow Teats 2pcs - 4months+ featuring non-angled teat is ideal from 2 months onwards, when the colic episodes have subsided. The flow can be adjusted to suit the baby's needs,..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 8058664008254
Silicone teat with double anti-colic valve for Step Up New Bottle. Ideal for older kids...
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Brand: Chicco Model: 8058664009503
These baby nail scissors are made in stainless steel, have no nickel and have curved blades with rounded points to ensure complete safety during use. Come with cover to hygienically protect the blades..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00081011100000
berry teat NaturalFeeling 0M + (Normal Flow) Silicone teat with double anti colic valve for Baby Bottle NaturalFeeling. normal flow (also available in medium flow) NaturalFeeling The only line of baby..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00080711630000
The complete range of products and specific accessories to live the stage of breastfeeding serenely and the longest possible time. All NaturalFeeling products are designed and manufactured to offer co..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00002432000000
Item Weight : 200 gProduct dimensions : 5 x 5 x 7.5 cm..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 8058664081370
Ideal for learning to drink from the glass. Thanks to the transparent silicone membrane, the child can see how the fluid flows. The liquid passes through the silicone membrane when the child's lips ar..
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Model: 00071984000000
Product Dimensions : 9 x 4.5 x 14.5 cmItem Weight : 9.07 gTarget gender : Unisex..
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Brand: Chicco Model: CHICCO-8058664070473
Protect your breasts and allow you to breastfeed for a longer time: the shape of the shield and the thin thickness make it easier to transmit the heat and the smell of the mother. They allow maximum c..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00006823120000
The flexible silicone facilitates the transition between bottle and cup. It is compatible with rings and pacifiers bottles. Ergonomically designed for easy hold, it has large removable handles with an..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00006823700000
Chicco provides safe solutions which are designed to meet the demands of babies as they progress through the growth phases, because happiness is a journey that starts when you're a baby. Specially des..
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Model: 00002578000000
product dimensions : 5 x 1 x 7 cmmaterial: silicone..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 8058664082520
Product dimensions : 4.5 x 9 x 14,5 cmArticle weight : 54.4 gMaterial type : silicone..
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