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Child Safety Essentials

Brand: BabyJem Model: BABYJEM-8699204312167
Once your baby starts walking they’ll want to fly, they’ll want to be free and to enjoy the new feeling of being outside. That’s why BabyJem made you this Safety Belt to make sure that your child can ..
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Brand: BabyJem Model: 8681049223463
A stroller cushion from BabyJem is the one thing your stroller is missing. With its comfortable and soft material your child will definitely enjoy the ride. This cushion will be your first choice for ..
Ex Tax:EGP399.00
Model: 00007661000000
Product weight : 399 gproduct dimensions : 42 x 48 x 12 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP1,620.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 07068193390000
Protects your child from falling during sleep and adapts to most beds thanks to the fastening straps. It is equipped with a side pocket for objects and can be tilted to allow you to easily redo the be..
Ex Tax:EGP890.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 00060806000000
Corner Protectors is a baby safety accessory that prevents the risk that your child may injure himself against sharp furniture corners. Made of soft, non- toxic plastic, they are easy to fit. Single u..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00064082300000
Product weight : 998 gproduct dimensions: 11 x 27.5 x 20 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP84.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 8003670773863
The multi functional closure is a multi-purpose security system. Can be used to prevent the opening of a fridge but also WC, cupboards or drawers..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 8003670860792
product dimensions : 30 x 15 x 35 cmProduct weight : 59 g..
Ex Tax:EGP303.00
Brand: Dr Brown's Model: 0-72239-30397-9
This new Deluxe Electric Bottle Sterilizer comes with an advanced technology of cyclic indicator. The new heating element is stronger and takes approx 8 mins to sterilize 6 bottles. The body is slight..
Ex Tax:EGP3,501.00
Brand: Gro Model: 5055653704879
Ideal when you’re out and about and a highchair is not available, this handy, lightweight chair harness in our colourful Jazz Stripe design will  fit most dining chairs. Simply fit the adjustable..
Ex Tax:EGP369.00
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