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Study Table & Organizers

Brand: DEDE Model: 8693830030518
Let your child enjoy there drawing time with the brightly coloured Cars study desk. Its made of durable plastic and perfect for your child to begin their more formal learning. There is lots of storage..
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Brand: DEDE Dough Model: 8693830031911
Getting your kid something that is fun to play with and to help with his mental and physical growth at the same time is not hard anymore with this Activity Tray from Dede Dough.Activity Tray Set from ..
Ex Tax:EGP341.23
Brand: DEDE Dough Model: 8693830032789
Getting your kid modelling dough is fun, but have you thought about getting him something more? The On A Roll Art Desk from Dede Dough is one of a kind kids toy. It has 2 play doughs for your kid to h..
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Brand: DEDE Dough Model: 8693830031904
modeling dough has a long standing history and a wide variety of applications, but its most important application is its constant role in our children mental and physical growth. Bring joy to your fam..
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Brand: DEDE Model: 8693830030532
Easy to clean, lightweight and durable, easy to clean is a useful desk model.Installation is easy and the installation is shown with pictures.Table and chair are combined. ..
Ex Tax:EGP745.61
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