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Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250758223
Brevi B-Super Hello Kitty is a stroller with a sweetheart Kitty that all girls will love! Practical and safe, it's an original vehicle designed to go for a walk with your baby. Technical Features: - 6..
Ex Tax:EGP3,201.00
Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250711518
Grillo is the first months strollerbecause it has padded side protection and reclines to a sleeping position. Light and compact, just 5.9 kg.Practical for both mums and grandparents as it is light and..
Ex Tax:EGP3,600.00
Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250711433
Pushchair:Lightweight and performance.Are driving with one handOf high quality materials.High maneuverabilityEasy to transportVery small size when closed.Innovative aluminium structure and the pipe fr..
Ex Tax:EGP3,600.00
Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250756397
Anodized aluminium frame with umbrella foldingOpen-close bumper, can be totally removed from the stroller frameBy pressing a button on the back the reclining backrest is adjustable to various position..
Ex Tax:EGP3,201.00
Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250753396
Comfortable and roomy seatOpen and close bumper barIt takes up minimum space wehn folded5-Point safety harness with padded shoulder strapsFootrest can be adjusted in 2 positions..
Ex Tax:EGP4,200.00
Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250753488
More than 200 baby care products from birth to 3 years of age. The screen is printed on the edges of the crib, on the outer pocket and on the inside of the compact door, decorating the new set of beds..
Ex Tax:EGP4,200.00
Brand: Brevi Model: 8011250756335
Multi-site city vehicle. Light and compact, weighing only 7.5 kg thanks to its aluminum structure with flat tubes. The open / closed rails can be completely removed from the frame when the child is ol..
Ex Tax:EGP3,201.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 04079761180070
Item Weight : 46.3 poundsProduct dimensions : 29.5 x 23.5 x 19 inchesMaximum weight recommendation : 50 PoundsMinimum Weight Recommended : 3.63 kilogramsRecommended upper age range : 0 - 4 years..
Ex Tax:EGP15,326.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 00079748720070
The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System Stroller with one-hand fold comes loaded with extra features you & baby will enjoy. Multiple position, fully-reclining seat and adjustable leg support provides ..
Ex Tax:EGP12,084.00
Brand: Chicco Model: CHICCO-00079163600000
Article weight : 7,26 KgProduct dimensions : 65 x 44 x 54 cmHeavy weight : 18 Kg..
Ex Tax:EGP3,680.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 06079311220000
The echo twin stroller is a practical and compact double stroller that combines comfort for the children and functionality for the parents. The side by side design provides a compact fold, and the car..
Ex Tax:EGP6,657.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 06079064200000
 group 0+ from birth to 13 kgDimensions: 67 x 44 x 61 cmWeight: 6.5 kg..
Ex Tax:EGP4,598.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 4061472010070
Item Weight  : 17.15 lbsProduct dimensions : 29.5 x 19 x 16 inchesMaximum weight recommendation : 30 lbsMinimum Weight Recommended : 4 lbs..
Ex Tax:EGP6,131.00
Brand: Chicco Model: CHICCO-04079014150070
Item Weight  : 10.2 poundsProduct dimensions : 16.5 x 18.5 x 26.2 inchesMinimum weight recommendation : 30 PoundsMaximum weight recommendation : 110 Pounds..
Ex Tax:EGP4,088.00
Brand: Chicco Model: CHICCO-08079594510000
Item Weight  : 9.84 KgProduct dimensions : 64 x 44 x 62 cmMaximum weight recommendation :13 kilograms..
Ex Tax:EGP5,040.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 05079169090000
Item Weight : 1,4 KgProduct dimensions : 42 x 48 x 12 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP1,843.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 07079168640000
Item Weight : 1,4 KgProduct dimensions : 42 x 48 x 12 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP1,229.00
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