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Brand: Bestway Model: 62083
4.8V , 55W Recharged cordless Air Pump Battery can be recharged wth: -220V-240V charger -12V car charger Includes 4 x 1500mA rechargeable batteries 3 valve adaptors Inflates and deflates Full color bo..
Ex Tax:EGP631.58
Brand: Chicco Model: 06079379950000
Item Weight : 18.1 gProduct dimensions : 290 x 445 x 100 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP1,022.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 00079748720070
The Chicco Cortina CX Travel System Stroller with one-hand fold comes loaded with extra features you & baby will enjoy. Multiple position, fully-reclining seat and adjustable leg support provides ..
Ex Tax:EGP12,084.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 05079431800000
The echo buggy is the perfect blend of functionality and design. with this car you stand out. the coloured frame is suitable for the fabric, the wide and soft seat is cosy and comfortable. optimum ste..
Ex Tax:EGP3,635.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 06079311220000
The echo twin stroller is a practical and compact double stroller that combines comfort for the children and functionality for the parents. The side by side design provides a compact fold, and the car..
Ex Tax:EGP6,657.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 06079064200000
 group 0+ from birth to 13 kgDimensions: 67 x 44 x 61 cmWeight: 6.5 kg..
Ex Tax:EGP4,598.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 07079358930000
Wouldn't you like having spare parts for your kid’s belongings to change its color from time to time? Chicco made you this cover pack for your Urban Stroller specifically to address your need for chan..
Ex Tax:EGP1,229.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 00079249600000
Item Weight : 3.8 KgProduct dimensions :46 x 81 x 101 cmMaximum weight recommendation :15 KilogramsMinimum Weight Recommended : 3.63 kilogramsRecommended upper age range : 0 - 3 years..
Ex Tax:EGP3,783.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 6079307220000
The Echo Twin Stroller features side-by-side seating with a compact fold and carry handle to simplify everyday outings and getaways for growing families. Two canopies with individual adjustment offer ..
Ex Tax:EGP10,119.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 05079169090000
Item Weight : 1,4 KgProduct dimensions : 42 x 48 x 12 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP1,843.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 06079214950000
Item Weight : 16.4 KgProduct dimensions : 42 x 48 x 12 cmMaximum weight recommendation : 15 KgMinimum Weight Recommended : 3.63 kilogramsRecommended upper age range : 0 - 3 years..
Ex Tax:EGP9,766.00
Brand: Chicco Model: 07079168640000
Item Weight : 1,4 KgProduct dimensions : 42 x 48 x 12 cm..
Ex Tax:EGP1,229.00
Brand: Doona Model: DOONA-105-99-00
Perfect for a full day outThe Doona™ All-Day Bag is designed to complement your Doona™ functionally with style. It attaches to the back of your Doona™ using unique quick-release Doona™ connectors that..
Ex Tax:EGP923.00
Brand: Doona Model: DN/SP110-99-001
Keeps the bugs awayThe Doona™ Insect Net is designed to protect your baby from bugs and insects. The protective net is see-through and provides maximum ventilation. With the simple Doona™ snap-on conn..
Ex Tax:EGP359.00
Brand: Doona Model: DN/SP102-20-001
Safety, Simplicity and Mobility — Doona™ LATCH Base allows you to have them allThe Doona™ LATCH Base is compatible with the Doona™ Infant Car Seat and is intended for rear-facing use only. It ensures ..
Ex Tax:EGP3,586.00
Brand: Doona Model: DN/SP109-99-001
Keeps the sun awayThe Doona™ Sunshade Extension is designed to protect your baby from direct sunlight using its multi-positional feature. The additional protective layer provides enhanced UV protectio..
Ex Tax:EGP500.00
Brand: Doona Model: DN/SP112-99-001
Do you want to cover your Doona's wheels to keep them protected? So Doona Wheel Covers are designed especially for Doona car seat wheels. They prevent any stains and soiling on vehicle upholstery. The..
Ex Tax:EGP218.00
HABA Clutching Figure Rainbow Worm HABA Clutching Figure Rainbow Worm
From Germany
Brand: HABA Model: 302837
This cuddly rainbow worm curls up or around little explorers, providing exciting optic, haptic and acoustic features, not to mention good cheer! Function: rattles<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br..
Ex Tax:EGP417.24
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