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Brand: BabyJem Model: BABYJEM-8699203311116
Tired of your child being hyperactive and can’t get him to sit properly on the potty? BabyJem got your back with this Muzical Potty, your baby will be as calm as he could to enjoy this boring time...
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Brand: BabyJem Model: 8681049213426
Tonton Potty can be a real helper to your kids when the time comes for them to learn how to potty train themselves. Tonton potty does not have any sharp edges or corners so it is absolutely safe, and ..
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Brand: Chicco Model: 00009454000000
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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-13348
We love babies, and we understand that newborn skin needs extra special care. That's why Johnson's Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes have been independently proven to be as safe & gentle on newborn skin ..
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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-84482
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Powder is the best way to keep baby's skin healthy and soft. It contains natural calm aromas to help aid restful sleep – ideal for use after your baby's bedtime bath...
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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-34187
Reduces effects of rubbing and chafingContains honeysuckle extract and cools skinLeaves a pleasant and lasting feeling of freshnessWe love babies.And we understand that sometimes babies can feel hot a..
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Brand: Johnson Model: 3574661264844
Reliability and practicality are some of the sought after advantages when it comes to wipes. Johnson’s Baby Gentle All Over Wipes offer that and more.Johnson’s Baby Gentle All Over Wipes are designed ..
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Brand: Johnson Model: 3574660026757
Dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to suit sensitive skin, Johnson’s Baby Powder eliminates skin irritation, leaving your precious one’s skin soft and soothed.Johnson’s Baby Powder is..
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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-64415
Baby powders should be your friend after every bath and diaper changes for your kid, and this exact Baby powder from johnson’s is your way to take care of him. The way of having soothed and smooth ski..
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Brand: Johnson Model: 3574660048124
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo gives your baby a fresh and sparkling look, and the unique No More Tears formula offers your child a gentle and painless bath time.Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is Dermatologically-tes..
Ex Tax:EGP47.37
Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-73890
For a softer bathEnriched with moisturising baby lotionNO MORE TEARS formula is mild to the eyesHypoallergenic & pH skin neutralWe love babies.And we understand that baby skin needs gentle care to..
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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-69148
Baby cleansing cloths are designed as a quick, convenient way to give your baby a gentle, all-over clean without the need for water or drying. Now you can have the gentle cleansing power of a Johnson'..
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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-25617
JOHNSON’S Kids Pure Protect Kids Wipes is specially developed to effectively clean and protect hands, face or body from dirt and germs, while being gentle on you toddler’s delicate skin.JOHNSON’S Kids..
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Brand: JustEssentials Model: JE/FTWCTR
With a secure, wide opening and a moisture-stay seal, our baby wipes case is the answer to fresh wipes every time. Whether you drop it in your diaper bag or use the built-in strap to hang it on your s..
Ex Tax:EGP279.00
Brand: JustEssentials Model: JE/JSHB-801
The JustEssentials Wipe Warmer Premium keeps baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration. With an advanced moisture retention system and insulated body, wipes stay warm and fresh to soothe bab..
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Brand: Munchkin Model: 11303
Bags are durable and easy to separateLavender scent bagsComes with 12 bags in each - 36 bags in totalGreat for use at home or on the goExtra refills sold separatelyIt's not always worth to wait until ..
Ex Tax:EGP187.42
Brand: Munchkin Model: MUNCHKIN-11302
If only you could wait until you got home to change baby's diaper. Sadly, this is not always an option, but not to worry - Munchkin's Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser & Bags provide an easy d..
Ex Tax:EGP200.00
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