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Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-84482
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Powder is the best way to keep baby's skin healthy and soft. It contains natural calm aromas to help aid restful sleep – ideal for use after your baby's bedtime bath...
Ex Tax:EGP32.46
Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-34187
Reduces effects of rubbing and chafingContains honeysuckle extract and cools skinLeaves a pleasant and lasting feeling of freshnessWe love babies.And we understand that sometimes babies can feel hot a..
Ex Tax:EGP52.63
Brand: Johnson Model: 3574660026757
Dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to suit sensitive skin, Johnson’s Baby Powder eliminates skin irritation, leaving your precious one’s skin soft and soothed.Johnson’s Baby Powder is..
Ex Tax:EGP35.09
Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-64415
Baby powders should be your friend after every bath and diaper changes for your kid, and this exact Baby powder from johnson’s is your way to take care of him. The way of having soothed and smooth ski..
Ex Tax:EGP35.09
Brand: Johnson Model: 3574660048124
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo gives your baby a fresh and sparkling look, and the unique No More Tears formula offers your child a gentle and painless bath time.Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is Dermatologically-tes..
Ex Tax:EGP47.37
Brand: Johnson Model: MAMSP-73890
For a softer bathEnriched with moisturising baby lotionNO MORE TEARS formula is mild to the eyesHypoallergenic & pH skin neutralWe love babies.And we understand that baby skin needs gentle care to..
Ex Tax:EGP52.63
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